Don’t wanna shed no blood
Don’t wanna shed no tear
Just want our world back
And do away with fear
Feel I have no say
Gotta be a another way
“This eye for an eye
Leaves the whole world blind” *

Tired of seeing greedy men
With beady little eyes
Parading around this land
Spreading all of their lies
They ain’t got an ounce of love
They’re void of dignity
Their act resembles Broadway
More than sincerity

Our brothers and sisters are fighting
Over power and over oil
With a veil of secrecy
All that’s left is turmoil
With countries in ruin
Dictators down six feet
War still continues
Lining the pockets of elite

I got fleas sucking my blood dry
Charging each other a high price
So they can run over me
On shackles made of my flesh
Continuing to stress
The very cap that holds their breath

And what thanks do I get
For sustaining their life
A hole in my head
Made from some explosion
Funded by the funds
That make all these smoking guns

Each explosion, each shackle
Each piece of hair plucked from my head
Adds a piece to the puzzle
To put on the muzzle
Silencing these fleas lives
Making them realize

As I sit back and rebuild my flesh
As I have so many times
When some animal takes advantage
of the life they have been given
After all I’m just the referee
Here to call out the penalties
Cause this is my court
And y’all are just visiting

*quote by ghandi


healin Wordle

Healin is healin no matter what you‘re feeling
You’re gonna have to cope with what you call hope
For if you believe what you see you leave what you be
Behind for your mind will not be blind
For your soul to be whole you got to let go
Of the gold you hold and fold the lies you told
For I got this load feeling like a toad
Waiting for success a kiss from a princess
To be at my best so I do not jest
So what kind of bait do I throw on the string
To find a lovely voice in which we will sing
This song of life while I play my fife
And rhyme all my cares away
Throwing words in the air to stay
Sane from the pressure building
Defined as one mans sin and another’s religion
For what is true under the big blue
For all I know the all knowing could be blowing
A bunch of hot air just to be fair
We got to trust in what we lust
For when we’re all dust we’ll know who was just

It ain’t me it ain’t me
rhyming and stealing on you r TV screen
It ain’t me it ain’t me
pervading all that bad energy

So I run around acting the clown
With my chains unbound I kick the beat down
With my big ass fiddle I begin to riddle and rhyme
Can you spare a dime?
For a kind brother so I can call my mother
And tell her about the new grooves
I hope to use to help sooth
The world and everyone in it
And what is it about who did this
And who did that
And can’t we just act the chill cat?
Get along and hit our bongs
And give some relief to our stressed motif

What’s really going on?
We can’t all be wrong
That’s why we sing this song
Hoping change will come along

So I take all I know and make it all flow
With a little help from every friend
Who will be with me until the end
Or the beginning whichever is more fitting
For your soul as we are all coal
Burning in the fire of life
Trying to avoid strife
So bend you reality
Try to define the word free
Because in this society
We can’t all be
So wait while I elope me a
Sense of utopia
Wait while I elope me
Little o sense of utopia

What’s really going on?
We can’t all be wrong
That’s why we sing this song
Hoping change will come along

What’s really going on?
We can’t all be wrong
That’s why we sing this song
Hoping change will come along